We Love Running Dumfries

I love running. I’ve said in this blog. I love running because I do since I was 8 years old. Maybe I gave up for a period, but then, irremediably, I run again.

I love running but as I’m a indomitable woman, sometimes I go running for 10 kilometres, sometimes only for three or less. The question is keep running!

I love running but I know that because rain, cold weather or darkness in Winter, I become so lazy that I prefer to be at home. I need to join someone, to have an appointment and to go.

For all these things, I’ve created We Love Running Dumfries. Every Monday and Wednesday I’ll be at the Crichton Church. It will be at 5.30 h. The goal is to run or walk during 45-60 minutes.

I mean, we have to start and finish at this point: the Crichton Church. Everyone by his pace. Maybe faster, maybe slower or walking. We can stop, and try a few minutes later.

It doesn’t matter but let’s enjoy doing exercise outside and with other people. It would be nice to wait for the slower ones or maybe make differents groups.

I don’t like the groups only for women or for atheletes. Maybe one day you can go running only 1 or 2 kilometres, but maybe the next week you will be able to do 3, 4, 6… and so on. Or maybe today you run 10 and tomorrow you will prefer to walk.

Let me say that it’s important to listen to our body. Some days we feel tired, what's more a bit sad, and sometimes with all the energy that we could run around the world!!

Yesterday, was our first appointment. I wasn't alone. There were another person and to be honest: I felt so, so happy.

I don’t want to be the leader of 'We Love Running Dumfries'. I don’t want to point the way to follow, I would prefer to do it between all of us. I am a newcomer at town, so, please, I would like to discover with you all the beautiful routes and paths at Dumfries.

Tomorrow, I'll be at the Crichton Church. I wish that more people will join me  and we can (together) achieve go running, walking.

I will be out of town from the 24th October until 2nd November and I would love to know that someone come to the Crichton Church and go running together. Maybe you can share some pic!

We Love Running Dumfries

PD. Sorry for my bad English...


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